Rev Dr Michael Jensen

Pastor, theologian, author and social commentator

Michael is an Australian clergyman, author, and lecturer. He has served as the rector in the Anglican parish of St Mark’s Church, Darling Point since 2013; and was formerly a professor of theology at Moore College, Sydney. He completed a doctorate in Moral Theology at Oxford University in 2008 and has published a number of books, including Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial and My God, My God: Is it possible to believe anymore? He also regularly writes opinion pieces for news and media including The Drum on the ABC. Michael likes to imagine himself one day getting fit, and loves British comedy and Eastern European food. He is married to Catherine and has four children, a cocker spaniel and a domestic medium hair cat.

The Tower and the Tragedy of Humankind – Genesis 11:1-9

Friday 20 August – 7:30pm

Who are human beings, and why are they so … complicated? Human beings are created by God to be his partners in governing his creation. But they have, and are, fallen. So human beings are tragic – that is, made good, but always falling short. The Tower of Babel is story that illustrates the perplexing nature of human beings.

The Temple and the Epic Story of Redemption РGenesis 12:1-3; John 2:13-22

Saturday 21 August – 10:45am

What does God do about the tragic state of his beloved creatures? He sets out to win them back. The Temple was a great symbol of God’s determination to live with his people. Jesus applied the picture of the Temple to himself as the place where God’s epic journey to win back human beings was completed. In the final chapters of the Bible, there is no temple, because finally relationship with God is restored.

Living in the Arena – John 15:18-20; 1 Peter 2:4-12

Sunday 22 August – 11:00am

What is like to live now, in between the Tower and the Temple? In the Arena, the early Christians faced a stark choice: to say yes to the world or to the God of Jesus Christ. No less is that a choice for our present times. How do we navigate life in the era of the Arena?